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Careers in Animation and Multimedia :

While the recent times have been tough in competitions and career deciding, the professional courses have no dearth of alternate availability in terms of career building. All those who do their ten plus two , had till now in mind to look for careers ONLY in medicine or engineering, but the diverse professional courses now fulfill the desire of the ambitious students in alternative disciplines like BCA ( Bachelors in Computer applications, B.Sc (IT) or BBA, which are also too lucrative and mind you…all the disciplines are now dependent on Information Technology, for which students from any back ground, maths, science, biology, arts, commerce or economics back grounds in 10+2 are eligible.

One such course is B.Sc in Animation and Multimedia which has, of late, geared up a great momentum. All the Industries , may be, the press, media or electronics; all the sciences, may be medical, engineering, architecture, interior designing or exterior or even landscaping, advertising to movie making , are fully dependent on Animation Technology, which is again a computer based technology.

Basic qualification for joining this course is 10+ 2 in any discipline. The three years UG course involves theory and practice on graphic designing, 2D, 3D animations, photo shop, audio editing, video editing, sound effects, visual effects to complete training in movie making.

The horde of the disciplines in Animation and Multimedia, makes you self reliant, a self made man and an industry in you itself, from working at home to working for many companies at a time and making your imaginations and creativity a dream come true ,not only for yourself but for the clients whom you may be representing.

The course duration is three years with a globally recognized University Degree and the expenses are bare minimum with plenty of potential to grow and show your creativity and earn. In this you also earn while you learn. This also entitles you to be designated as Designers, Animation engineers etc. Green Gold Academy- the creators of the series like Chhota Bheem are one such example, who grew with this technology and today a part of multi-billion Industry.



The hospitality sector offers good prospects for early responsibility, so if you show a willingness and ability to learn, you can gain experience of supervising and training new staff early on in your career. A hospitality management degree provides you with an in-depth understanding of the structure and operation of the hospitality sector and related industries. You develop skills and knowledge in people management, service delivery, leadership, finance and marketing, as well as identifying, understanding and responding to the needs of clients. You can also choose modules that further your career interests in, for example, conferences and events.

You also develop a range of other skills that are valued by employers. These include:

  • Analytical, critical and problem-solving skills - developed through researching, evaluating and presenting arguments and data
  • Verbal communication skills - gained from group work and presentations
  • Written communication skills - gained from report and essay writing
  • Negotiation and team work skills - developed through working both independently and on group projects
  • Leadership and delegation skills - gained through group work
  • IT skills - through the collection, analysis and presentation of information in the form of spreadsheets and databases
  • The ability to network - developed through discussion and debate with student peers.

Job options

Jobs directly related to your degree include:

  • Accommodation manager
  • Catering manager
  • Chef
  • Conference centre manager
  • Event manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Public house manager
  • Restaurant manager

Jobs where your degree would be useful include:

  • Air cabin crew
  • Customer service manager
  • Fire risk assessor
  • Human resources officer
  • Marketing executive
  • Retail manager
  • Tour manager
  • Tourism officer

Work experience

It’s essential you get relevant industry experience if you want to work in the hospitality sector. Many hospitality degree courses offer an industrial placement, enabling you to put your academic learning into practice. This experience provides employers with evidence of your skills and motivation, and helps you develop contacts within the sector. You also get a feel for which area of the sector you're particularly interested in.

Typical employers

Typical employers include:

  • Airlines
  • Bars and pubs
  • Conference and exhibition centers
  • Events venues
  • Hotel chains
  • Restaurants and fast-food outlets.

There are also relevant roles throughout the public sector in:

  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Local authorities
  • The armed forces.

Some of the large chain hotels or restaurants offer graduate-management programmes, providing a fast-track to management positions and experience in a range of operations.


What is business management?

Businesses have a platter of activities that have to be kept in line for the proper functioning. In a country like India where many start-ups dwell but are never able to sustain in the market, one of the major reasons for the downfall of many companies can be a failure in the administration of the business and its activities.
Business management deals with management and handling of all the business activities including customers, supervision and administration of finance, accounting, and marketing aspects of a business.

Business management has emerged as one of the major career options against the mainstream career prospects like engineering and doctoring.

A person holding a degree in business management would mean a person has a broad understanding of specific business-related aspects such as customers, marketing plans and strategies, account management and business plans and strategies.

Concepts of Business Management are:

  • Business operations: that involves a set of business processes that aim to achieve a particular goal.

  • Business process: means a set of activities targeting a particular goal to deliver a service or product.

Eligibility Criteria and Degrees in Business Management:

Undergraduate Business Management Courses
Entry Level: 10+2 in any stream

A person aspiring to undertake a course in business management should have the following skills/ interests which he develops during his tenure as a scholar of BBA.

  • Leadership qualities
  • Good communication skills
  • An ability to be involved with the team
  • Capability to sustain pressure and to handle people under stressful situations
  • There are a number of jobs where a business management degree is useful:
  • Sales executive
  • Logistics and distribution manager
  • Human resource manager

Importance of choosing Business Management Studies:

  • Scope for improving business knowledge and skills
  • Opportunities to meet peers and build a network
  • Acquaintance with practical knowledge

Studying business management involves getting a taste of practical exposure with respect to different aspects of business management in various fields like operations, economics, etc. This ensures that students can adapt to any situation at hand and take the best decisions under any circumstances.

  • An ample number of good job opportunities:

  • Having studied business management, one can attain a job opportunity in any sector of the market. Business management studies also provide jobs in mid-level and upper-level management positions in various sectors such as banking, fashion, medicine, media, etc.

  • Learning Teamwork:

  • For a business to work efficiently, teamwork is necessary. It is important that every team member co-ordinates with each other and contributes to the growth of the business.

    Managing people:

    With business management studies, one learns to manage people with respect to understanding the problems, issues and grievances of the employees, motivating the employees to work better and what each employee can deliver. Such aspects help the business operations to work efficiently in order to achieve a common goal.

    Qualities gained after doing Business Management Studies-

    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Marketing skills

    Future Prospects for Business Management Studies:

    Focusing on areas such as business and economics operations etc., graduates of business management studies are highly equipped with knowledge of handling business-managing employees and making them highly sought-after graduates in all sectors of the industry.

    Graduates of business management studies have gained employment in a wide range of sectors in the business world such as marketing, sales,, finance, banking , retail etc or they have become themselves the Business Entrepreneurs.


    A number of new courses started coming up, followed by the flood of new private and government professional Institutes, with a clear cut mandate for each Institute to provide professional education and built own libraries in the Institutes itself. As a result the numbers of vacancies for the posts of LIBRARIANS or LIBRARY AND INFORMATION OFFICERS have gone up . The origin of Library and Information Science education ,in India, can be traced back to the year 1911, when the Madras, BHU, Delhi and Calcutta Universities took the lead in awarding the degrees and Diplomas but in light of the hi-tech needs and highly digital systems-the century old traditional system of teaching for degrees and diplomas will not do justice with the system now in vogue. It is, therefore, significant to undergo a regular degree course, in Library Sciences, at Graduate/ PG and doctorate levels, offered by recognized Universities and their affiliated Colleges , having a complete infrastructural digital ability, to impart qualified knowledge to hold, now a dignified post of Librarian, which has now been redesignated as, Library and Information Assistant, Library and Information Officer.



Last updated: September 14, 2019