EVEN SEMESTER EXAMS OF BCA,B.SC IT, BBA TO BEGIN FROM 15TH MAY. | Star Placement 2017-2018. | Hiring Companies 2017-2018 in Campus and Pool Campus.


More than 15 large capacity class rooms and study rooms with spacious egronomically designed seating arrangements and hi-tech teaching tools.The facilities are cross ventilated well lit and overlooking some green expanses and natural contours through the windows. Large number of rooms ensure single shift attendance for all courses . This also results in better hosekeeping of the study facilities.

The classrooms besides being comfortable are equipped with all multimedia tools and gadgets. The students are digitally connected via wi-fi and biometric tools, as essentials of ‘Attendance’, ‘Assignment distribution’, ‘Note taking ‘ etc. Indoor amphitheater style class room supplement the regular class spaces. Mahogany furniture, matching wall shapes, digitalized boards & presentation polygons create an atmosphere of serene learning and free interaction.

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Last updated: May 04, 2018