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Master of Science in Information Technology (M.Sc. IT)

itm-dehradunIt is a master’s program in Information Technology that encompasses skills and fundamentals in computer science and includes advance knowledge of computing such as, digital electronics, system design dynamics and data communication and e-governance that provides the student with multi-platform capabilities at technological positions.

The student qualifying for M.Sc Degree stands suitable for computing research and policy framing and also can become a part of the important critical governmental and international assignments like.

  • E-Governance program assignments.
  • Centre management assignments and ventures.
  • Software Engineer, Analyst and Planner Assignments.
  • Network Manager and Database Manager Assignments.
  • Application jobs for SAP related profiles.
  • Team management of IT professionals & knowledge workers.

itm-dehradunIn the first semester the students learns Computer Fundamentals &Programming in ‘C’, Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science, Digital Electronics & Computer, System Architecture, Structured System Analysis & Design, Accounting & Financial Management, Practical : Computer Programming & Problem Solving in ‘C’ besides PC Packages and introduction to DOS & MS-Office).

The second semester deals with the Data Structures Using ‘C’, RDBMS, Operating System, Software Engineering & Project Management, Object Oriented Analysis & Designing.

In the third semester the student does practical’s in data Structures Using ‘C’, RDBMS, Introduction to Web Technology. Data Communication & Networks and Analysis & Design of Algorithm and Visual Basic with .Net Technology.

The Electives in this Semester are - Advance RDBMS, E-Governance, Fuzzy Logic & Neural Network, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed & Parallel Computing. Practical : Introduction to Web Technology, Practical: Visual Basic with .Net Technology. Project work 6 months duration(In an Organization).

Programme Profile

  • Advanced knowledge of computing and its related faculties as digital electronics, system design dynamics & data communication.
  • AI & E-Governance are integral part of the program as well.
  • Develops multi-platform capabilities in the incumbent.
  • All senior and technological positions stand suitable for the incumbent.
  • Computing research and policy framing also a part of the incumbent’s capabilities.
  • Important critical governmental and international assignments suit the expected profile of the passouts.

Career Prospects

  • E-Governance program assignments and initiatives.
  • Centre management assignments and ventures.
  • Software engineer, analyst and planner assignments.
  • Network manager and Database manager assignments.
  • Application jobs for SAP related profiles.
  • Team management of IT professionals & knowledge workers.



Course Duration

Graduation in Science/BCA/
BSc (IT)/BSc (CS) with
Min. 45% Marks

Affiliated with HNB
Garhwal University ( Srinagar )

Two years


Institute of Technology and Management
Department of Information and Technology Time Table (W.E.F 29-01-2018)
M.Sc. IT


Class/ Sem 9:30am-10:10am 10:10am-10:50am 10:50am-11:30am 11:30am-12:10pm 12:10pm-12:50pm 12:50pm-1:30pm 1:30pm-2:10pm 2:10pm-2:50pm Friday/Saturday Sch.
M.Sc. (IT) II LH Lower Lab OS (GB) RDBMS (CDB)(Wed SE & PM (MM) Break DS Using C (DD)(M) OOADS (CDB)      
M.Sc. (IT) IV   E.Gov (GB) C# (SJ) (Th)            


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